Land Division

The Land Division is a Division created at the High Court Head office at Kampala and located on the second floor of Twed Towers, along Kafu Road, Nakasero, Kampala.

The Division is charged with the following functions:
  • Responsibility of supervising the work of Land Tribunals.
  • The adjudication of all land related dispute fall under this Division.

The land Division is established with three judges with a separate registry for the Division .There is a Registrar for the Land Division who doubles as the Registrar of the Land Tribunals. A desk office was also established under the office of the Registrar to handle the activities of the District Land Tribunals.

The Division has jurisdiction to entertain all actions arising out of or connected with any land transaction, including but not limited to:

  • Sale, 
  • Purchase and transfer of real property; 
  • Leasing and rental of real property; 
  • Hypothecation and securitization of land, 
  • Other than as a mortgage involving a bank loan or credit facility; 
  • Destruction or degradation of land; 
  • Compensation paid for the compulsory acquisition of land; 
  • Minerals and mineral rights and Environmental disputes or causes.
Land Act
Land (Amendment) Act 2010
Land Acquisition Act