Benefits of ECCMIS

Improved Record-Keeping

Automating and standardizing manual procedures for enhancing record-keeping and reducing delays and case backlogs

Improved Efficiency

Automated workflow processes to guide users through their daily activities and notify users of pending actions, improving overall efficiency.

Decision Support

Provides wide range of analytical performance reports and detailed case audit trails for informed decisions and better resource allocation.

Inter-Institutional Data Integration

Data moves seamlessly from one justice sector institution to another, from Police to ODPP and to the Courts and to Prison Service, improving communication and reducing the likelihood of processing errors. 

  • E-court rooms to enable people off site to access justice
  • Quick payment options using Mobile money, visa cards and other online payments.
  • Quick decision making using dashboard and analytics
  • Access to information from other institutions relating to case such as DPP, Prisons and National ID, through integration.
  • Personal data protection through authentication, confidentiality and user consent.
  • Data passed through a security server before dissemination.
  • All outputs such as Judgments will be digitally signed and time stamped.
  • Case retrieval by public will be quick and cost effective using mobile phones and computers
  • Filling of cases will be quick and cost-effective
  • Case management will be at a click of a button