ECCMIS Definition:-

ECCMIS (Electronic Court Case Management Information System) is a fully-featured system that automates &tracks all aspects of a case life cycle from initial filing through disposition& appeal as to each individual party for any case type.

  • It is founded on the Judiciary business rules engine, requiring minimal human intervention.
  • It is able to facilitate the efficient & reliable collection, organization, distribution & retrieval of significant amounts of case specific data as well as the processing of payment of relevant court fees & fines.
  • It is able to generate reports from system for decision making.

The Main Features of ECCMIS

E-filing: ECCMIS will provide a public portal for users to file documents electronically with access to information for all case types across all jurisdictions. Lawyers will be able to file case documents electronically, reducing the burden of paperwork on the court system.

E-payment: Online payment of fines ,filing fees, and bail and deposit transactions, using mobile money, Visa, EFT among others.

Mobile Phone Access: Ability to access case status via Mobile Phone and Short Messaging Services (SMS).Litigants will easily access and follow-up on all cases by way of a USSD.

E-Processing (Case management online): Allows paperless case management after a case has been filed, and it follows through the life cycle of a case, to mediation, automatic allocation of case, hearing then to delivery of judgment, execution, closure and finally archiving of a case in system.

Reporting/Analytics: By simple drag and drop, it allows for accurate reporting to be delivered in different forms not limited to lists, reports, cascades, charts, bubbles etc.

Notifications: Parties will receive notifications in 3formats namely SMS, EMAIL, and Internal System Notifications. These will emerge from all the actions performed on their cases. Court staff will also receive notifications when they have tasks assigned to them. These actions will include but will not limited to: case registration, allocation/reallocation of a judicial officer, court sitting, issuance of notices (hearing, summons, judgment), tasks to register, serve, judgment/ruling among others. These notifications will be sent to the email address and phone number a litigant will register at account creation.

ECCMIS Roll-Out Phase One Court Stations  

The ECCMIS System will first be rolled out in the following 18 Phase 1 Court Stations divided into clusters and thereafter it will be extended to the rest of the other Court stations in a phased manner.

The following are the ECCMIS Phase One Court Stations in the following clusters:-

Cluster One Courts (Currently running ECCMIS)

  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court
  • Anti-Corruption Division
  • Lands Division
  • Civil Division
  • Commercial Division
  • Mengo Chief Magistrate Court
  • Luwero High Court

Cluster Two Courts

  • International Crimes Division
  • Criminal Division
  • Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Court
  • Standards, Utilities and Wild Life Chief Magistrate Court

Cluster Three Courts

  • Family Division
  • Jinja High Court
  • Jinja CM Court
  • Nakawa CM Court
  • Makindye CM Court
  • LDC G1 Court
  • Bugembe G1 Court
  • Kakira G1 Court