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Plea Bargain Sensitization Goes To Lira Prison
Hon. Justice Bawine(PJ) greeting a prisoner at the Lira Prison during the launch of Plea Bargaining

LIRA: The Principal Judge, Hon.Justice Dr Yorokamu Bamwine, led a delegation of Criminal Justice actors to Lira Main Prison for a sensitization campaign on Plea Bargain.

Flanked by the Director of Public Prosecution, Hon. Justice Mike Chibita, the PJ informed the inmates that the sentences arrived at during Plea Bargains are not supposed to lead to a miscarriage of justice.

"As regards Plea Bargain, the accused agrees with the prosecutor to plead guilty to an offence in exchange for a not so severe but certainly a deserving sentence."

He urged accused persons not to sign agreements without understanding, and cautioned Judicial Officers against rejecting or varying the proposed sentences in open court as doing so undermines the process.

Hon. Justice Dr Bamwine said he had received reports of some Judges who have refused to conclude some cases on account of ridiculously low sentences proposed by accused persons.

"...They have my support. The purpose of a sentence is to act as a punishment, a deterrent and a measure of protection to society."

The Principal Judge was also accompanied by the Lira Resident Judge, Hon. Justice Alex Ajiji Mackay,Lira Chief Magistrate, HW Janeva Natukunda as well as Judiciary Advisor on Reforms, Mr. Andrew Khaukha.

The Principal Judge will have similar campaigns at Soroti prison.

Posted 21st, December 2018
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