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CJ Interfaces with Civil Review Committee
Hon. Justice Dr Bamwine, Hon. Justice Katureebe and Hon. Justice Bateera

The Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart M. Katureebe has appreciated the on going reviews of civil procedures by the Civil Review Committee that is chaired by the Principal Judge, Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine. 

The CJ briefed on the progress the committee activities by the different sub-committees on Public Interest Litigation; Adjournment; ICT; Recusal of a Judicial Officer; Amicus; and Judicial Reviews.

Among other things, the Committee has proposed a requirement for written consent of members in representative action cases; having in place guidelines for the filing of Public Interest Litigation and defining basic terminologies in Judicial Reviews.

Hon. Justice Dr. Bamwine said there would be strong recommendations on conduct of effective pre-trial conferences and mandatory pre-trial mediations. 

He also said there is a need for says there is need for the recruitment of more Registrars and Judges, saying there are many of the officers who need to be retooled.

"We have problem registrars in the Judiciary.  "There are registrars we know whose every Order attracts a complaint from a litigant. This is the reason some Judges choose to handle these locutory applications."

The Chief Justice concurred with the Committee that indeed some interim orders are turning into permanent orders.

"Interim orders should really be temporary. We need to ensure that these orders are fora short period," said the CJ.

"Scheduling Conferences and mandatory mediation rules will also need to be reviewed if people are not embracing them. People do not have to just wait for the two months mandatory mediation period to expire for them to proceed with their matters."

The Committee will on Monday November 13, 2017 have a half day validation workshop of their recommendations to be presided over by the Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice said the Rules Committee which he chairs would review and finalize the recommendations by February 2018.

Posted 10th, November 2017
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