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CJ-World Bank Discuss Support to JLOS
The JLOS team led by the Hon. Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart Katureebe (M- Standing, Line 1) and stakeholders from the World Bank

Washington DC: The Chief Justice of Uganda, Hon. Justice Bart M. Katureebe, on October 10, 2017 held a high-level engagement with the World Bank on the resourcing Uganda's the Justice, Law and Order Sector.

Uganda's seven-man Ugandan delegation interfaced with a team led by the World Bank's Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Ms Sandra Okoro, in the presence of officials from the International Justice Mission (IJM).

They discussed Sexual and Gender-Based Violent (SGBV) as a development challenge and Judiciary's role in the reduction and elimination of the vice. They also discussed the mechanisms of early detection of SGBV and how to address the challenge of sexual exploitation of women and children.

In her remarks, Ms Okoro said that gender-based violence is not related to any class of society or part of the world, adding that it occurs everywhere and anywhere in the world.

The CJ thanked the World Bank for facilitating such an engagement. He said there is need to look at SGBV in a wider context starting with cultures and norms of our people.

"We need to start by addressing the issue of sufficient resourcing of not only the Judiciary, but the entire JLOS. We must have in place efficient and effective investigation, prosecution, adjudication and correctional services mechanism,"said the CJ.

"This is the only way the system can be in position to efficiently and effectively address the problem of SGBV and be able to contribute to the promotion of business,investment and good governance in Uganda."

The WorldBank it is currently supporting Uganda's Ministry of Gender, Labour and SocialDevelopment and working closely with some districts and civil society organizationsin Uganda to tackle the SGBV issue.

The CJ said more interventions were required in the following areas:

  • Capacity building in terms of training JLOS actors to be able to efficiently and effectively handle the cases; in terms of investigation, prosecution,adjudication and psycho-social support. 
  • Sensitization of the population so as to embrace the justice measures put in place.
  • Support to judicial innovations like the audio-video link technology that's meant to facilitate child victim protection.
  • Facilitating effective handling of land cases which are closely related to SGBV; there's particular need to facilitate judicial officers to visit locus in land and SGBV cases.
  • Support tolegal aid that's necessary to expedite the handling of these cases. 
  • The need to have the law on victim and witness protection which is still a serious bottleneck to the effective handling of these cases.

The World Bank expressed commitment to supporting the Justice, Law and Order Sector. They said there is already an ongoing conversation between the World Bank and the Uganda government on how to prioritize matters of social and justice sector, adding that it is a pre-condition for further support Uganda.       

Posted 11th, October 2017
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