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CJ Signs New Anti-Corruption Declaration
Hon. Justice Bart Katureebe signing the signs new Anti-Corruption Declaration

The Hon. the Chief Justice, Hon.Justice Bart Katureebe, today signed an International Bar Association Compact Against Eradicating Judicial Corruption - a declaration unifying the Bar & Bench in the fight against corruption.

Others who signed included the IGG - Hon. Justice Irene Mulyagonja, DPP - Hon. Justice Mike Chibita, Attorney General - Mr. William Byaruhanga, and the Chief Registrar - H/W Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa, among others.

Anti-Corruption Declaration

The Compact is premised on the solemn adherence to the maintenance and protection of the Rule of Law.

  • It observes the need for strict observance of fundamental principles of ethics and integrity in the practice of law;
  • Recognizes that any form of corruption severely undermines the effectiveness and legitimacy of the judicial process and the administration of justice;
  • Accepts that the judiciary must remain independent and free from all forms of under influence and interference;
  • Acknowledges that eradicating judicial corruption is critical to fighting corruption elsewhere in government;
  • Affirms the objectives of:
    • Upholding public confidence in the administration of justice;
    • Enhancing public respect for the institution of the judiciary, and
    • Properly protecting the reputation of individual judicial officers and that of the Judiciary.

Posted 3rd, April 2017
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