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Revised Media Guidelines Around the Muslim Trial
Court proceedings in the ongoing muslim clerics trial

Kampala: The country has in the recent past been hit by a wave of killings of both top Muslim leaders and other innocent people by unknown assailants. In the wake of these crimes, security measures around the ongoing trial of the 14 accused persons before the International Crimes Division sitting at the High Court in Kampala have been revised to ensure safety of all parties concerned.

As part of the wider security plan, the following steps have been put in place to guarantee a smooth and fair trial for the accused persons,as well as justice for the victims:

1.    Access to the Courtroom where the trial is being conducted will be strictly for the selected court staff (judicial and non-judicial), the accused persons, state and defense attorneys, accredited media and selected members of the public.

2.    An alternative sitting area is organized for the majority of the members of the public within the vicinity of the trial court where they will be able to follow all the proceedings on screens.

3.  All journalists intending to cover the trial should secure prior accreditation from Judiciary’s Senior Communications Officer, who can be contacted on smuyita@judicature.go.ug or +256-772-200-089.The Court reserves the right to limit the number of court reporters in the court depending on the space available.

4.     Journalists will be required to submit their gadgets (still and video cameras, audio recorders, laptops and any other relevant gadget) for screening by security every time they come to cover the proceedings.

5.   Live broadcast of the court proceedings shall only be done following a formal request through the Judiciary’s Senior Communications Officer.

6.    Photography in the courtroom will be restricted. Taking pictures of the trial judges and witnesses (both still and video) in the case will not be permitted.

7.   Use of communication gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets,or other smart devices will not be permitted in the courtroom.

Posted 7th, December 2016
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