Executions Division Clears 112 Cases in One Month

10th, October 2017

The Executions Division of the High Court has emerged the best performing High Court Division for the month of August.

According to the report, "...Executions Division registered 176cases, out of which, it cleared 112 cases;translating it into 64 percent."

The report further shows that the Civil Division emerged secondbest performing division. It registered 189 cases in the month under review andout of those, 105 cases were cleared. 

International Crimes Division came in the third position with 10 percent clearance rate.

HW Festo Nsenga, the Registrar in charge of Magistrates and DataManagement, the report are part of the appraisal system.

"The purpose of performance indicators is to help judicial officersassess their performance and devise strategies to improve," he said. 

He said poor performance at different divisions is due to varied reasonsranging gaps in prosecution, lack of human resource among others.  

In an Administrative Circular dated August 12, 2016, the Hon. ChiefJustice urged all judicial officers to submit case returns at the end ofevery month.